Knit Pencil Skirt #1

So I totally missed my first monthly goal I set for myself by not sewing anything in February.  (Wah Wah Wahhhh) Even with it being leap year and having an extra day in February, I still didn’t manage to get anything sewn.

But alas, it’s now March (nearly April) and I have completed my first creation of the new year!

First of all, if you are a sewist and you’ve not yet discovered Girl Charlee, go check it out now.  I’ll wait….

SEEEE!!!! Isn’t it amazing!!  I discovered it through Pinterest awhile ago.  I love that you can not only purchase fabric through the website, but it’s also a blog where you can find inspiration, tutorials, and patterns.

Anyway, I came across this tutorial via Girl Charlee last month and it seemed easy enough.  I love how Delia demonstrated the ease of dressing a knit pencil skirt up for work and down for casual occasions.  With spring upon us and summer shortly thereafter, I thought what a great addition this would be to my wardrobe.

I didn’t download her skirt template, instead I used a knit pencil skirt I own from Old Navy that is suuuupper comfy.  If you’re not sure how to use current pieces in your wardrobe as templates, check this out.

Pencil skirts are super simple.  Not to mention it only requires 1 yard of fabric.  I laid the Old Navy skirt on top of my folded ponte de roma knit fabric, left room from seams + elastic waistband, stitched the two pieces together and BAM!  Brand new staple piece of clothing.

*Sidebar: you do need to purchase a ball point or stretch needle for sewing with stretchy knit fabric.  My regular needle kept skipping stitches but once I tried the ball point needle, it worked beautifully.

I’ve already got two more pieces of ponte de roma fabric to make more skirts!


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