Pay it forward

I’ve been struggling with lower back pain since last fall.  Constant discomfort in my lower back that keeps me restless and it’s a struggle to find a truly comfortable position sitting, standing, sometimes laying down.  I’ve been seeing a chiropractor since February to seek some sort of relief upon realizing it wasn’t going away on it’s own.  The chiropractor informed me my hips were out of alignment about a half inch and that would create great discomfort.  The only prescription for fixing it is to go through continuous realignment sessions to get them back to where they should be.

It’s been two months and very little difference has occurred on my end as far as comfort and pain goes.  This week I had taken up getting back into the practice of yoga.  I used to be an avid yogi but, like most things with adulthood it fell by the wayside as life got busier and busier.  Yesterday, as I was stretching about halfway through my yoga sequence, I felt what can only be described as what I imagine a gunshot to feel like to my lower back.

BOOM!  As soon as I felt that pain, I shot up wincing attempting to stretch it away.  But my attempts were to no avail.  The pain remained in my lower back, so crippling I couldn’t stand straight up to even walk.  I hurriedly made my way to the bathtub filled with Epsom salt in an effort to soak away the pain.  I soaked for about a half hour, praying when I stood the pain would have vanished.  No such luck.

I managed to find an oddly, somewhat comfortable position on the couch for a couple hours before making my way to bed where I awoke several times throughout the night in pain.

This morning, the pain is still there.  I can however manage to stand and walk without as much pain as last night, but sitting and standing and reaching are pain educing efforts.

To top off my bodily pain, this morning has been one-after-the-other series of unfortunate events:

-Awoke to realize my cell phone had not charged overnight, even though I’m 99% positive I plugged it in.

-As I opened the ironing board to press my dress this morning, the leg of the board slammed into my shin drawing blood and leaving a pump knot the size of a golf ball.  I kid you not.

-Wednesday, I had my car windshield (which had cracked on Sunday afternoon) replaced by a technician and upon inserting the new piece of glass, managed to ALSO crack…

-I almost walked out the door this morning without brushing my teeth because I had to take my husband to drop his car off to be serviced at 7am, so yes I literally got out of bed and followed him to the shop in my pajamas.

Which brings me to the goal of the day: PAY IT FORWARD.

I’m talking, holding doors open for people I encounter all day, putting quarters in expired parking meters, paying a strangers tab at a restaurant, bringing a co-worker coffee, smiling to everyone I see, repeating please and thank you, and whatever else I can do to reverse my streak of unfortunate events and attract some good karma.