Twenty-something Kentucky native, academic advisor in higher education living in Ohio.  Newly vegan & lover of DIY, fashion, fitness, travel & interior design.

jamaica pic

The Mister & myself from our honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica

“Baseball widow” to a pretty awesome coach.


And dog-mom to the sweetest fur-child, Lola.

lola eyes

Random Facts:

  • I spend way too much time on Pinterest
  • I would rather read a book than watch T.V. (most of the time)
  • H.G.T.V is the best channel EVER
  • I love dressing up & being girly, but I also love being a tom-boy & throwing on a pair of cut-offs with a t-shirt & getting my hands dirty
  • There’s nothing quite as awesome as the feeling of accomplishment-especially from DIY projects 🙂
  • Amazon Prime is both the best & worst thing that has ever happened
  • New York City is my all time favorite place in the world
  • I have an amazing family & wonderful friends whom I love dearly
  • I’ve ran the NYC Marathon (but I’m also a very lazy person at times)
  • I’m very easily amused & find enjoyment in the smallest of things (i.e. went to a drive-in movie when I was 17=top 10 best things that’s ever happened to me)
  • I do not have the “mommy bug”/do not see myself having kids, but I love & treat my dog as if she were an actual child/better than some children
  • Ran off to Jamaica to marry my best friend after 8 years together
  • I hate my birthday (the attention of it, not the actual date)
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday

As they say on Saturday Night Live

“So stick around ’cause we’ve got a great show for you”

**In regards to the name of my blog, I chose “My Own Pace” because it not only applies to the way I started running, but the way I take on life in general. I’m a bit of procrastinator, so I have taken on my view of the world in a “one-day-at-a-time” kinda’ vibe and continue to learn new things about living and loving life one day at a time…at my own pace, of course!


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