Settling In

Where have the past 4 months gone??  The time since arriving in Ohio has flown by & yet, when I think back to February & all the SNOW we received, it seems like so long ago…

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Anniversary #1

Carl & I had never celebrated our dating anniversary. One, because we just aren’t those lame showy-lovey-dovey couples and two, honestly we aren’t 100 percent sure when we started dating…don’t ask. I’ll just put it this way, he asked me out twice.

Anyway, after dating for 8 years & then getting married (after I said I never would) we figured it was a life event that needed celebrated. We joked that we needed to celebrate we didn’t kill each other for a whole year. (We’re weirdos, I know-but that’s why we work together).

Since the traditional first year wedding anniversary gift is paper & so much of our lives revolve around baseball we settled on tickets to a Yankees game! In New York!! Versus the Red Sox!!! yankees-vs-red-sox-rivalry

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Vegan Recipes Review

I found the most scrumptious vegan-friendly recipe that I attempted Friday evening. I came across this recipe via Pinterest which led me to this adorable little site.
This recipe was a little more time consuming than I normally prefer for a weekday meal, but getting to leave work an hour early on Friday I knew it was the perfect time to give it a try.

ImageThese were PHENOMONAL! So yummy & hearty. Just like the comfort of one of my past all time faves—chicken pot pie—without the guilt of meat! The fella’ even devoured 5 of these little pies!
Yesterday evening, I made my first vegan gumbo for dinner. Again, I found the recipe through the wonderful webs of Pinterest.
This is seriously the best vegan recipe I’ve made to date. Super simple and talk about filling! I enlisted the help of Carl to chop all the ingredients while I peeled the 2 potatoes & started heating the oil & flour in the pot. So all that was left was to throw it all together & simmer for 45 minutes. Can’t get much simpler than that! I served it over a bed of brown rice & my belly was so happy.

Gluten-Free-GumboHighly recommend both of these recipes, vegan or not!

Taking Stock 02


Making: strides in completing my furniture re-do & room swap
Cooking: lots of yummy vegan recipes that are surprisingly some of the best food I’ve ever tasted
Drinking: water with fresh lemon or lime slices
Reading: way too many of those online quizzes…I just completed “What is your hippie name?” (it’s Flower) 🙂
Wanting: to chop my hair again
Looking: into the possibility of another fall marathon
Playing: with my current wardrobe, coming up with new outfits/combinations to keep me from shopping
Wasting: nothing–or learning not to.
Wishing: my husband knew something definite about his future job opportunities he is currently pursuing
Enjoying: binge re-watching the first season of Orange Is the New Black with my guy so we can watch season 2 together
Waiting: for lunch to get here.  Running the mornings now has really revved up my appetite (& hopefully my metabolism)
Liking: the boho looks & rompers/jumpsuits that are popular for the summer. 70’s was the best era.
Wondering: what I will pack for NYC in two weeks!
Loving: the hot days & afternoon rain showers
Hoping: my dad has a wonderful Father’s Day even though all us kids are moved away now
Marveling: at the HUGE hydrangea blooms around campus
Needing: more time in a day to feel like I actually get stuff done
Smelling: Lola’s fur when she snuggles my face
Wearing: a button up & linen (my fave!) pencil skirt on a Friday because I had a meeting
Noticing: with age, the importance of moisturizing & SPF
Knowing: I shouldn’t stress over things I can’t help
Thinking: about what I am going to accomplish this weekend
Bookmarking: actual page corners in books.  I love how much I want to read in the summer.
Opening: the pantry door less & less for snacks because there is nothing in there vegan friendly
Giggling: at the television show The Middle that I have recently discovered.  (It’s been on for 5 seasons already & I’m just catching it.  It’s hilarious)
Feeling: happy & thankful it’s Friday!


I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve got a bad case of “restlessness.”  Last weekend, I completely switched our office & guest room.  Cleared out the junk, & physically moved every piece of furniture from one room to the other.  I’ve never been really pleased with either room as a final product (only been that way for 3 years now!) so I finally had the drive to make the switch–and I am loving the 2 new looks!

We recently purchased a full sized bed for our guestroom (again, 3 years…) and it fits so much better in the old office.  The hand-me-down bedding my sister graciously gave me even matches the decor in it’s new location perfectly.  And by total accident!

I’ve always wanted a “creative space” where I can sew, craft, surf the web, pay the bills, & maybe even workout–a “me space” if you will.  Guys get man caves so why can’t us ladies have “craft corners?”  With my bookcase and desk now moved together into a larger room, the concept of somehow combining them into a corner unit of utilization was next on my to-do list.  I’ve had my bookcase since elementary school and it is not high quality furniture, but it is in great condition still.  My desk is also not high end but a sturdy piece and good size/work space.  So how do I combine these two separate pieces into a set??  Chalk paint!

Here’s where I’m getting some of my inspiration:

White Chalk painted desk with stained top for my kids!  Sanded the whole top down, stained it, painted the bottom and kept the original hardware. Instead of annie sloane wax, I used minwax finishing paste.  Love the effect!

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